Saturday, November 3, 2007

From Madison

Wow...what a couple of nutty days we've had at Camp Shorewood! Washie decided it would be fun if he couldn't use the litter box. Boy, was he wrong! Macks and Deer carted him off right away to the scary emergency room and he didn't like that all. He fought the good fight when the People tried to get him in the carrier. Who knew Washie was bloodthirsty! I suppose it makes sense being Halloween night and you think Washie is a vampire cat?

They were gone only a few hours but I got lonely for him. He felt better after seeing the scary doctor, but his you-know-what was still not feeling very good the next off he went again to the doctor! This time, though, they saw a very gentle man, Dr. Rosene and he gave Washie some new food to eat and petted him a lot! Everybody there thought Washie was soooo pretty...just wait until I go. I'll show 'em pretty! I just hope Washie doesn't get a big ego now!

Man oh man, does Washie love his new food! I think I want some, too, but Deer makes sure I stick to the old stuff. It is supposed to make his insides feel better and make him thirsty so he'll drink more. It sure seems to be doing the trick.

I can tell he feels much better. We spent the morning playing with Deer in the cat tunnel and with the cat dancer you sent us! We missed that toy and love to play with it! Washie was so silly playing this morning...
When he went to the emergency room, they had to shave his tummy to get a picture of his insides. Well, even though they didn't shave his head, I think I'm going to tease him about his bald tummy and call him "Britney"!!!!

Unfortunately, these are going to be the last pictures for a while...we thought that Deer's camera was a cat toy and knocked it off the desk :-( We hope she gets it fixed soon because we are just too cute to go undocumented!


Monica O said...

Dear Washie and Maddie,
This is GB (grannie bionica) again. I am sure sorry you haven't been feeling well, Washie. I understand that you're getting better...who wouldn't with the loving care Dear and Mack are giving the two of you! Please do thank them for me!
I just got back from Atlanta where I was adding more info to my brain about contraception and all that stuff. It was great. I ran into my dear, dear friend Karen, the midwife with whom I shared a house and her two cats and dog a few years back. I've told her about the two of you so she may be reading your blog soon. She's living in the mountains of North Carolina, taking care of poor women and delivering their babies. Well, you two stay out of trouble, and Washie, get well. Please purr a bunch for me to Dear and Mack, tell them I'm thankful they're taking such good care of you. I haven't heard anything from Natasha and Boris, so I'm assuming they're doing well at the Scratching Post Retreat. I'm sure Uncle Andy would be letting me know if they were causing trouble. Love to you, Grannie Bionica

Nancy said...

You broke Deer's camera already??? I would have expected better behavior from the two of you! Bad kitties.