Wednesday, November 7, 2007

From Maddie

Boy, is it good cuddling weather! Nice and chilly, this is the perfect time to really figure out the best places to curl up for a nap at Camp Shorewood!

We both love Macks' lap, but when Deer woke up this morning, I thought I'd follow her and give her lap a try. Not bad...not bad at all! She pulled out those funny sticks and pretty string again (I do love to give that string a chew when I can!) and I just settled right in next to her and purred up a storm. I heard her say to me how happy that makes her! I'm glad, 'cause she was so sad when Washie was sick over the weekend. It's nice to see her smile and hear her laugh again, especially now, too, that Washie is getting all better!

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Nancy said...

Maddie, that is the perfect place to spend a chilly morning... curled up next to Deer while she plays with the sticks. If I were your size, that's what I would do!