Monday, November 5, 2007

From Washie

I think I really feel better this time!

We all had a pretty stressful weekend at Camp Shorewood. Saturday night, I felt that I had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME and was in and out of the litter box every ten minutes pretty much all night. It hurt quite a bit and when some red stuff came out too, Macks packed me up AGAIN and off we went to the scary emergency room. Jeepers, I'm getting on a first name basis with the receptionist!

Luckily, the doctor said I was just trying to get rid of some yucky stuff in something called my bladder and they gave Macks a special slip of paper so he could get some painkillers for me. Sunday morning, though, poor Deer was sooooo sad! I tried to tell her it was going to be ok and I think she felt better by the afternoon, 'cause:
- I didn't feel like I had to go all the time
- Maddie and I cuddled ALL DAY on Macks' lap! And I mean all day! He's got a really good cat-napping lap.
- Deer found a bird toy for us! Apparently, they had a cat...or maybe they still do and he's hiding from us yet?...that played with this, too. We had such fun chasing it around and I tried to drag away the whole darn thing in my mouth. That didn't work very well, though, but I sure had fun trying!

Hopefully Deer can get her camera fixed today so you can see how cute we are when we piled up on Macks and giving each other a bath!


Nancy said...

My heart is so full of happiness thinking of you both curled up on Macks' lap and cleaning each other. Please don't make Deer sad anymore... you're supposed to be giving her warm fuzzies! I'm so happy that they are taking such wonderful care of you both. I miss you lots, especially when I sit down to have my tea in the morning. Big hugs to you both.

Monica O said...

Oh, I bet Macks and Deer both have great laps for making both of you feel good! I hope Deer is over the scare! I know how she must feel because your Auntie Natasha lost all sorts of weight and was making me worry a lot too. That's why she and Boris are spending MY vacation at Uncle Andy's in Centerville, OH. Uncle Andy's going to make Natasha all better, I hope. So, you two better straighten up and fly right. Like your mami said, you're supposed to be giving Deer warm fuzzies, not cold pricklies! So, get better, and thank them for me! Thank you Macks, thank you Deer!
Gramma Bionica

Brother Man said...

Hey, this isn't kiss-and-make-up or anything, but I'm sorry to hear you're going through some of the same pains I've been dealing with. Hang in there.
-Brother Man