Sunday, August 24, 2008

Trying to pull a fast one, eh?

From Washie:

Macks and Deer thought they could pull the wool over our eyes by trying out a ne
w type of litter made from wheat.

Sorry, but I don't thin
k so.

Their first clue should have been the rather disturbing cat pictured on the package. Is this feline wearing color-enhanced contacts? Egads, that' s just not natural!

Since Macks and Deer are, generally, ok in our book (except, of
course, when they put us in the portable prison and cart us to the scary vet), I decided to give this new stuff a try. But, I have to tell you, that it really started to bug me especially during the last few weeks. To show my obvious displeasure, I started to kick my litter EVERYWHERE, making not-so-small mountains of it on the floor. Macks and Deer aren't very bright. They didn't get it. So, I dropped being Passive-Agressive Cat and went blatant. Yesterday morning, I thought it would be great fun to use this as my "litter box".

They finally got the point.

By the end of the afternoon, we were back to corn.
All's right with the world and my litter box.

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The What Days of Summer?

From Washie:

We heard somewhere that some days in August are called {gasp} the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER!

What the #@!?$*$!!!

Maddie says, "Washie, watch your language!!"


Anyway, lately it's been getting downright chilly at night. Deer told Macks last weekend that it was 51 degrees! Brrrrrrrrrrrr....I hope that fluffy white stuff doesn't start falling already. Hmmmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad 'cause it's good cuddling weather and Deer brings out her Magic Blanket. When she plugs it in, it warms up all by itself. Maddie and I are very fond of the Magic Blanket.

Well, with such a cool summer to enjoy, I've re-dubbed these days at the Cat Days of Summer and we are celebrating them in the traditional way.

Even in our sleep, we are practicing Synchronized Cat Napping. It's grueling test of will and fortitude, but somebody's gotta do it.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the Games begin!

After years of dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and training, it is finally time to make our debut on the international scene with our own Olympic event, synchronized napping.

To recap, the keys to scoring a perfect 10.0 are fairly straightforward:
1. PPP, or Proper Paw Placement
2. and the exceedingly difficult HC & T, aka Head Curl and Tuck

As you see below, we have obviously deserve 10.0s in both execution and style!

Tony on the podium (aka the Cat Food Storage Container) receiving Olympic Gold!
Cue the National Anthem (we don't mean the one you humans in this country sing!)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


From Madison:

True, Washington tends to prefer Macks' lap and company while I've found a happy home cuddled close to Deer (especially when she's playing with the pretty string!) and we both had become quite accustomed to having our gentle Deer with us all day long these last few months. It's good to know there's always a warm lap to crawl into, don't you think?

It goes without saying that we were both quite distressed when Deer started to spend inordinate amounts of time away from us at her new whatchamacallit....a job? She's some muckity muck at this place. Nevertheless, we are none too pleased even though she said something about "bringing home the bacon"....bacon? did she say BACON?!?!?!?

I miss her company, especially during afternoon naptime - while I dozed off in her lap, I'd often be able to exert my SFA (aka Super Feline Abilities) and make her fall asleep, too. Tony, on the other hand, got all weird and decided that he would go on a hunger strike. Weirdo. Thank goodness he's over that, even though I most generously offered to eat his breakfast and supper for him. For whatever reason, that brilliant idea didn't fly.

I still miss my little Deer during the day very much. So, whenever she is home, I take every opportunity to give her a bit of Maddie Love. This is one of my most favorite places to cuddle:

Ah...all's right with the world.