Saturday, August 16, 2008

The What Days of Summer?

From Washie:

We heard somewhere that some days in August are called {gasp} the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER!

What the #@!?$*$!!!

Maddie says, "Washie, watch your language!!"


Anyway, lately it's been getting downright chilly at night. Deer told Macks last weekend that it was 51 degrees! Brrrrrrrrrrrr....I hope that fluffy white stuff doesn't start falling already. Hmmmm, maybe that wouldn't be so bad 'cause it's good cuddling weather and Deer brings out her Magic Blanket. When she plugs it in, it warms up all by itself. Maddie and I are very fond of the Magic Blanket.

Well, with such a cool summer to enjoy, I've re-dubbed these days at the Cat Days of Summer and we are celebrating them in the traditional way.

Even in our sleep, we are practicing Synchronized Cat Napping. It's grueling test of will and fortitude, but somebody's gotta do it.

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Nancy said...

Wow, don't hurt yourselves. You are clearly working wayyyy too hard.