Thursday, February 28, 2008

Somebody's got an attitude!

From Maddie:

Boy, Washie has been prancing around for the last week like he owned the place! Today, I finally figured out why.

You'll probably remember the infamous Chococat Calendar Incident that made us think that Washie may hail from some distant place called Japan? Well, today while trying to figure out what "Leap Year" meant, I saw this:

I immediately confronted Washington about this and asked him if he actually thought this referred to him! Naturally, he did! In addition to thinking this calendar was designed after him, Washie actually thinks that his birthday is some sort of holiday! Gads what an ego!

Thankfully this didn't last too long...shortly thereafter, Deer pulled out the scary Yellow Vacuum Cleaner and Washie spent most of the morning cowering in the closet. When he came out, he sure was a bit more humble! Maybe the Vacuum Monster isn't all that bad?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here comes the sun

We've told you about the wacky weather we've had here at Camp Shorewood this winter - while excellent for cuddling, it has, however, deprived us of our second most favorite activity (well, maybe our third favorite...our second lately has been wrestling with each other after bathtime!): catching some rays! Well, today we've got a sunny and not-too-cold day on tap (there's another 6" of the white stuff in the forecast for tomorrow...but we're not going to think about that today) and we embarked on a quest to find that perfect spot to enjoy it all.

Maddie found a good place underneath the dining room table:

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

While Washie opted to soak in the sun in the bedroom:

"Well, isn't this what sunbathing really is? Bathing in the sun?"

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Nope, it isn't an alien hatching out of Maddie after's just Washington getting the most out of his Sunday Cuddle!

What a wild winter we've all had here at Camp Shorewood! From our big blizzard a little while ago, we've since added several inches of this fluffy white stuff that comes down from the sky so prettily. It got really cold again, too. Deer loves the snow, but she gets sad when it goes below zero! We don't mind...we just crawl deeper under the covers!

Today, though, we've got a little bit of everything - from freezing rain this morning, to just plain ol' rain now and more snow later on, we can't think of anything better to do than to have ourselves a good nap on each other. We think humans generally underestimate the value of a good nap...most humans, except for Macks! He loves to nap with us on Sundays! We've elevated napping to an Art Form:

Friday, February 15, 2008


Names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent:

Damned paparazzi...seems like they just can't give us a break.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Good news: 18 inches of snow on Wednesday and a day of cuddling with Macks and Deer
Bad news: 18 inches of snow :-)

Good news: We almost got to 32 degrees yesterday
Bad news: That was yesterday. Today is an entirely different story!

Our high temperature today at Camp Shorewood was a whopping zero! The winds outside are howling and something called a wind chill this morning was down to 40 below zero! We kitties don't have to worry about wind chill 'cause we come with our own lovely fur...silly humans - you think they woulda thought that one out!

Well, it doesn't get too much better for the upcoming week, either - another 6 inches of snow tomorrow and chilly, chilly temperatures. We are going to make the very most of it and keep cuddling with Macks and Deer! It's nice 'cause they love cuddling almost as much as we do!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The best place to be

Hey, what was that?

Why, it's a snowstorm!

The best place to be when it looks like this outside, is a warm and snuggly lap.

With 12-18" of snow in the forecast today, both the places where Macks and Deer go off mousing everyday decided that it was best for everyone to just stay home. An extra cuddle day? You won't hear us complaining!

Maddie says, "Perhaps I can change Deer's mind about naps...they are the best way to spend a blustery day! Heck...any day, for that matter."

Monday, February 4, 2008

It's baa-ack!

From Washington:

Do you remember a few months ago when my super soft and pretty tummy fur was shaved so that mean ol' doctor could get a better view of what was going on in my insides? Well, I'm very happy to report that it is all back and softer and prettier than ever!
Thank goodness! It was a little humiliating to be a bit skimpy! Deer noticed how pretty my fur had come in when she was giving my tummy a rub over the weekend - ooooooh, how I love a good tummy scratch 'n' rub!
Other than that momentous news, not much exciting is happening at Camp Shorewood today! It's kinda cold, rainy, and dreary today with yet another snowstorm predicted for tomorrow, so Maddie and I are doing what we do best - NAP!