Thursday, November 29, 2007

We promise...

to be nice to the new camera and not break this one! We have trained Deer well already as the very first photos she took with her new contraption are of us!

There's no denying we are two seriously beautiful cats!

"Scratch my chin, please."

"Napping in the sun cannot and should not be overrated."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What did you call me?

You know, I'm not so sure about these people. They seem awfully confused, especially when it comes to getting my name right! Here are some of the names they call me:

1. Spats: I guess this has something to do with my lovely paw coloration?

2. Snidely Whiplash: do I really have a mustache like his?

3. Pickles: you got me on this one. This is a favorite of Deer's

4. Squigglebutt: I can't help it...I get excited and the butt moves that way.

5. Wack-a-mo: When I play, I play sue me!

In other news, I've learned that The Other Beastie (aka Brother Man) has escaped his protective lair and has changed locations to someplace called Seattle. I am currently plotting to break out of this joint and track him down. I may seem all sweet and silly, but there's a villain underneath all this fur. Hmmmm....perhaps Snidely Whiplash is a good name for me? I'll add it to my list of aliases as I plot my next move...

Love, Washie

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We hope you are having a wonderful birthday and that you, Momma, and that other beastie are doing well in your new home.

Because we are so gosh darn cute, we thought we'd send you the best present ever...that would be pictures of us, of course!

Here we are snuggling up to The Lady as she sat in the living room with her feet up on the ottoman:

Madison thinks that Washie needs a wash up!

You know, of course, that means only a prelude to WrestleMania 2007!

But, remembering that it is your birthday, we thought we should be on our best behavior. Back to just plain ol' bathtime...which lead right into some serious naptime:

Washington sort of lost track of where he was and slipped right down in between the ottoman and the chair, but he insists that he meant to do that!

Macks and Deer went out early this morning for a very chilly (only 28 degrees!) hike through Camp Shorewood. Deer was sooooo excited about having a White Thanksgiving that she wanted us to share some of her pictures with you:

Snow and Halloween decorations?!

The snow on these burgundy leaves was breathtaking. Too bad Deer's big wooly mittens prevented her from taking a picture that was actually in focus!

Happy Birthday...we miss and love you very much!

Washington and Madison

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Washie and Maddie

You guys rock! It may have been Macks' birthday last week, but you sent US the most awesome present ever!

We are going to love playing and cuddling in this huge box. Thanks!

Humans can be so odd, though. Macks showed very little interest in The Box and seem to think the really good stuff was inside it! He's a little mixed up, we think. We're not sure exactly what holds his interest in these books, but he sure does love them! Hmmmm...let's see about rubbing our chins on the corners...yes! that must be it!

Maddie is still trying to figure out the whole bathroom thing. Perhaps if she stares long enough, she can will this crazy thing to work with her superior mental abilities. (Maddie: By the way, I think Washie is a bit pervy! He especially likes to keep Macks company while he takes a shower, but today he decided he'd like to take a peek at Deer while she was all nekkid! I'm tellin'!!!)

Yes, humans are peculiar, as is Deer's utter fascination with the cuteness of our pawz. Maddie's, she thinks, look like whipped cream.
With his, Washie is showing his tail who's the boss!

Maddie says: "Ok, Macks, I'll give you a pass on the office chair this time, but - in the future, just remember - I was here first!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuddlefest 2007

Hi guys!
Well, it was a good thing Deer grabbed her work camera again last night or else she would have missed documenting the ultimate, super-duper, high-voltage Cuddlefest 2007 early this morning. It started out innocently enough - Washie was snoozing on Deer, and as they were leaving to go to all sweaty and stinky early this morning, Maddie decided to take her place. We may have our sibling rivalries, but we do give each other one mighty fine cuddle and bath!

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a close-up:

Deer thinks we have the cutest pawz...well, who are we to argue?

Later that morning, Maddie found one of her favorite places, looking out the window in the bedroom, and was utterly transfixed by the curtains!
It's hard being cats, we tell ya!
Miss you both,
Washie and Maddie

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From Washie

Oh, man...I hope Deer gets her camera soon 'cause she's missing so many cute Washie Wonder Moments! I'm so much cuter than whats-her-nose and, Momma, you'll definitely want to replace your wallpaper picture (whatever that is!). For example:

1. I WILL get the bedroom closet open - I know they are hiding something really good in there and I am fascinated by the whole concept of getting in the closet! (especially in the middle of the night!)

2. Macks' lap is THE best place to nap. I love to stretch out my paws and I show Maddie that this is my lap.

3. I found this really cool orange pom pom ball here. It's a good one to play kitty soccer with!

4. And, or course, there's me dragging the bird toy around in my mouth!

Gosh darn it, I'm so cute!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

From Maddie

While I think of a suitable retort to Washington's recent disclosure of my rather unlady-like bodily function the other day, I thought I'd share some shots of our Sunday Snugglefest (Deer borrowed the camera she uses at a place called "work"...what is that???):

I just love to jump up and sleep on Deer's office chair right after she gets up. It's all nice and warmed up just for me!

We were especially cozy together on Friday night. While she was sleeping, I decided to crawl up on her and tuck my chin right underneath hers. I think if she could, she would have started to purr, too!

Here's whats-his-nose taking a late Sunday morning nap with Macks:

Isn't he cute? Macks, I mean...not my brat of a brother! :-)

Deer gave me some of her leftover string to play with - what fun! Macks got a little worried, though, when I tried to eat it! I guess I'll have to stick to my regular food.

Hope you guys and Brother Man are doing well. Write soon!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

From Washie

Hi Momma and Daddy,

Sisters can be so annoying sometimes!! Ok, so I teased her a little...I heard her, well, um..., let's just say it, shall we?, pass a little gas. It wasn't really little, either! Even Macks heard it and laughed really hard! We weren't laughing at her, we were laughing with her!

Maddie: Yeah, right! At least I don't act like I'm digging to China when I use the litter box!
Washie: Oh, yeah?
Maddie: Yeah!

Well, anyway, we decided it was best to wrestle it out, but we always seem to end up cuddling and giving each other a bath! We've found lots of fun new games to play, too. Our favorite is playing hide and seek around a door from Deer's office to the living room! Maddie likes to hide behind the door, and - when she thinks I'm not looking - she comes out and I'm ready to pounce! We have such fun chasing each other around and around Camp Shorewood! It's fun because you can run around in laps since all of the rooms lead to each other! I especially love it when Macks and Deer toss balls down the hallway for me and I can show 'em how fast I can run.

Thank you guys so much for the care package. Unfortunately, Macks and Deer have realized too quickly that it might be best to put our bird toy away when they go out mousing every day - the first day they left it out for us and we nearly chewed it to pieces. I love dragging it around in my mouth all over Camp Shorewood.

Boy, I'm sure glad I feel better.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

From Maddie

Boy, is it good cuddling weather! Nice and chilly, this is the perfect time to really figure out the best places to curl up for a nap at Camp Shorewood!

We both love Macks' lap, but when Deer woke up this morning, I thought I'd follow her and give her lap a try. Not bad...not bad at all! She pulled out those funny sticks and pretty string again (I do love to give that string a chew when I can!) and I just settled right in next to her and purred up a storm. I heard her say to me how happy that makes her! I'm glad, 'cause she was so sad when Washie was sick over the weekend. It's nice to see her smile and hear her laugh again, especially now, too, that Washie is getting all better!

Monday, November 5, 2007

From Washie

I think I really feel better this time!

We all had a pretty stressful weekend at Camp Shorewood. Saturday night, I felt that I had to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME and was in and out of the litter box every ten minutes pretty much all night. It hurt quite a bit and when some red stuff came out too, Macks packed me up AGAIN and off we went to the scary emergency room. Jeepers, I'm getting on a first name basis with the receptionist!

Luckily, the doctor said I was just trying to get rid of some yucky stuff in something called my bladder and they gave Macks a special slip of paper so he could get some painkillers for me. Sunday morning, though, poor Deer was sooooo sad! I tried to tell her it was going to be ok and I think she felt better by the afternoon, 'cause:
- I didn't feel like I had to go all the time
- Maddie and I cuddled ALL DAY on Macks' lap! And I mean all day! He's got a really good cat-napping lap.
- Deer found a bird toy for us! Apparently, they had a cat...or maybe they still do and he's hiding from us yet?...that played with this, too. We had such fun chasing it around and I tried to drag away the whole darn thing in my mouth. That didn't work very well, though, but I sure had fun trying!

Hopefully Deer can get her camera fixed today so you can see how cute we are when we piled up on Macks and giving each other a bath!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

From Madison

Wow...what a couple of nutty days we've had at Camp Shorewood! Washie decided it would be fun if he couldn't use the litter box. Boy, was he wrong! Macks and Deer carted him off right away to the scary emergency room and he didn't like that all. He fought the good fight when the People tried to get him in the carrier. Who knew Washie was bloodthirsty! I suppose it makes sense being Halloween night and you think Washie is a vampire cat?

They were gone only a few hours but I got lonely for him. He felt better after seeing the scary doctor, but his you-know-what was still not feeling very good the next off he went again to the doctor! This time, though, they saw a very gentle man, Dr. Rosene and he gave Washie some new food to eat and petted him a lot! Everybody there thought Washie was soooo pretty...just wait until I go. I'll show 'em pretty! I just hope Washie doesn't get a big ego now!

Man oh man, does Washie love his new food! I think I want some, too, but Deer makes sure I stick to the old stuff. It is supposed to make his insides feel better and make him thirsty so he'll drink more. It sure seems to be doing the trick.

I can tell he feels much better. We spent the morning playing with Deer in the cat tunnel and with the cat dancer you sent us! We missed that toy and love to play with it! Washie was so silly playing this morning...
When he went to the emergency room, they had to shave his tummy to get a picture of his insides. Well, even though they didn't shave his head, I think I'm going to tease him about his bald tummy and call him "Britney"!!!!

Unfortunately, these are going to be the last pictures for a while...we thought that Deer's camera was a cat toy and knocked it off the desk :-( We hope she gets it fixed soon because we are just too cute to go undocumented!