Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Washie and Maddie

You guys rock! It may have been Macks' birthday last week, but you sent US the most awesome present ever!

We are going to love playing and cuddling in this huge box. Thanks!

Humans can be so odd, though. Macks showed very little interest in The Box and seem to think the really good stuff was inside it! He's a little mixed up, we think. We're not sure exactly what holds his interest in these books, but he sure does love them! Hmmmm...let's see about rubbing our chins on the corners...yes! that must be it!

Maddie is still trying to figure out the whole bathroom thing. Perhaps if she stares long enough, she can will this crazy thing to work with her superior mental abilities. (Maddie: By the way, I think Washie is a bit pervy! He especially likes to keep Macks company while he takes a shower, but today he decided he'd like to take a peek at Deer while she was all nekkid! I'm tellin'!!!)

Yes, humans are peculiar, as is Deer's utter fascination with the cuteness of our pawz. Maddie's, she thinks, look like whipped cream.
With his, Washie is showing his tail who's the boss!

Maddie says: "Ok, Macks, I'll give you a pass on the office chair this time, but - in the future, just remember - I was here first!"

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Nancy said...

Most of the posted photos remind me vividly of the things you two crazy cats used to do at "home", but I am confused and intrigued by the two pictures posted so far of Madison staring intently (at the curtains, at the toilet flush handle). I don't recall this being a habit! Please keep them coming. Speaking of habits: well, Washie-Wash is indeed a perv. He LOVES hanging out in the bathroom waiting for people to come out of the shower. Should've warned you!