Sunday, November 11, 2007

From Maddie

While I think of a suitable retort to Washington's recent disclosure of my rather unlady-like bodily function the other day, I thought I'd share some shots of our Sunday Snugglefest (Deer borrowed the camera she uses at a place called "work"...what is that???):

I just love to jump up and sleep on Deer's office chair right after she gets up. It's all nice and warmed up just for me!

We were especially cozy together on Friday night. While she was sleeping, I decided to crawl up on her and tuck my chin right underneath hers. I think if she could, she would have started to purr, too!

Here's whats-his-nose taking a late Sunday morning nap with Macks:

Isn't he cute? Macks, I mean...not my brat of a brother! :-)

Deer gave me some of her leftover string to play with - what fun! Macks got a little worried, though, when I tried to eat it! I guess I'll have to stick to my regular food.

Hope you guys and Brother Man are doing well. Write soon!


Nancy said...

I think I almost had a heart attack looking at the photo of Madison with her paw over her eyes. It should be illegal to be that cute. Sorry, Washington, but you just got replaced as my desktop wallpaper!

Nancy said...

I just re-read this one and was imagining how very happy you must have made Deer by wedging your chin underneath hers!