Sunday, November 25, 2007

What did you call me?

You know, I'm not so sure about these people. They seem awfully confused, especially when it comes to getting my name right! Here are some of the names they call me:

1. Spats: I guess this has something to do with my lovely paw coloration?

2. Snidely Whiplash: do I really have a mustache like his?

3. Pickles: you got me on this one. This is a favorite of Deer's

4. Squigglebutt: I can't help it...I get excited and the butt moves that way.

5. Wack-a-mo: When I play, I play sue me!

In other news, I've learned that The Other Beastie (aka Brother Man) has escaped his protective lair and has changed locations to someplace called Seattle. I am currently plotting to break out of this joint and track him down. I may seem all sweet and silly, but there's a villain underneath all this fur. Hmmmm....perhaps Snidely Whiplash is a good name for me? I'll add it to my list of aliases as I plot my next move...

Love, Washie


Nancy said...

Snidley is the perfect nickname for you, Washington... how did I not think of it first? The way you twist your mustache, plotting against Brother Man, or angling to surprise your sister with a pounce... yes, it's just perfect.

Monica O said...

Granny here. I just got back from the land down under, and it's not Australia. Listen, you guys need to quit standing around watching her shower. Wait until she's taking a tubbie, then you could help her. Jump in and help her scrub. You'll love it and so will she!! The pictures they're taking of you are wonderful!I'll be sure to show them to your Uncle Boris and Auntie Natasha. I'm going down to the Scratching Post Feline Spa in Centerville, OH, to pick them up tomorrow. I wonder if they'll be as happy to come home after a month away! I'll tell them about your adventures on the way home. That should inspire them. Well, gotta go eat, so here's a big kiss and some scritching for each of you. Your Granny Bionica