Saturday, November 10, 2007

From Washie

Hi Momma and Daddy,

Sisters can be so annoying sometimes!! Ok, so I teased her a little...I heard her, well, um..., let's just say it, shall we?, pass a little gas. It wasn't really little, either! Even Macks heard it and laughed really hard! We weren't laughing at her, we were laughing with her!

Maddie: Yeah, right! At least I don't act like I'm digging to China when I use the litter box!
Washie: Oh, yeah?
Maddie: Yeah!

Well, anyway, we decided it was best to wrestle it out, but we always seem to end up cuddling and giving each other a bath! We've found lots of fun new games to play, too. Our favorite is playing hide and seek around a door from Deer's office to the living room! Maddie likes to hide behind the door, and - when she thinks I'm not looking - she comes out and I'm ready to pounce! We have such fun chasing each other around and around Camp Shorewood! It's fun because you can run around in laps since all of the rooms lead to each other! I especially love it when Macks and Deer toss balls down the hallway for me and I can show 'em how fast I can run.

Thank you guys so much for the care package. Unfortunately, Macks and Deer have realized too quickly that it might be best to put our bird toy away when they go out mousing every day - the first day they left it out for us and we nearly chewed it to pieces. I love dragging it around in my mouth all over Camp Shorewood.

Boy, I'm sure glad I feel better.

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Nancy said...

Farting, wrestling, pouncing, chewing up your bird toy... you two really do sound like you're having a blast at camp. Good thing those camp counselors are very patient people!