Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From Washington

Hi Momma, Daddy, Granny Bionica and Your Royal Highness!

Thanks for leaving your notes! We sure liked reading them and can't wait to get the toy. I don't think we ever got anything in the mail before.

We spent a lot of time playing yesterday. I caused quite a ruckus playing in the shower and the shower curtain was fun to play hide and seek in! My Deer laughed so hard at me! She then went to a closet and pulled out some more toys for us to play with:

This is a big tunnel that crinkles when you run through it! I love to sit in it.

We also got this fun mat with catnip in it. It also has a scratchy part in the middle. I hope Madison doesn't get stuck on it!

Speaking of Madison, I don't think My Deer is very good with names. She called Madison "my little Oompaloompah". My Deer is very silly...but then again, maybe there's something to that name?

We'll write again on Friday. Macks and My Deer are going to visit her momma tomorrow and even though we can type, we're not exactly sure how to turn this thing on!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From Madison

We are settling in very nicely here at Camp Shorewood. We haven't made s'mores or sang "Kumbaya" but we've been eating up our food every day and get gold stars for making the Clean Plate Club and playing with lots of toys!

Washington just went on and on yesterday about how nice it was to sit in the Lady's lap and watch her type, so I decided to give it a try this morning to see what all the fuss was about. I hate to admit it, but he was was pretty cozy:

What was really neat was that she was playing with her two sticks and string again. So I joined right in and started to play with the string, too! We're still not sure what her name is, though - Macks (the Man) calls her lots of things and we think he's a little confused. He calls her My Deer a lot...I don't think she is a deer. She doesn't have antlers.

Hmmmm...maybe if I figure out how to turn the computer on by myself, I could do a little research on the matter!

Monday, October 29, 2007

From Washington

Madison and I don't think these two people are vets. If they were, they probably would have given us a shot or something by now.

We had a very nice Sunday here at Camp Shorewood! We discovered this nice table in a room that had some of the Lady's sweaters on it. She made it even more cuddly by putting some towels on them, so we curled right back up on it! It was fun to be up on a table!

We also made them laugh when we tried to visit them when they were using their litter box!

In the afternoon, the Lady sat on a chair in the living room and watched football ALL DAY! Boy, she must like football alot! The Man made her all cozy by bringing out a blanket for her. Madison thought she might enjoy that, too, so she crawled right underneath the blanket and slept by the Lady's feet! Hmmm...maybe I'll try that next time.

We got to play with the Man (we think his name is Macks?) at night. He's fun! I really like to watch the Lady type on the computer. This morning, I came up on her lap and made myself right at home.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Dear Momma & Daddy,

There sure are a lot of new and strange things at this place! It sure is nice to have our favorite toys and beds here (not to mention our litter box) - thanks for bringing them!

We had a nice first night. After the lady went to sleep (we think she was out mousing all day, 'cause she was tired!), the man played with us for a little while. He had this long string which we thought was really fun to play with. He stayed up with us for a few hours and he seems like lots of fun. We had a few more bites to eat and visited the ol' litter box again before getting cuddly and going to sleep ourselves. Madison really likes hanging out underneath their couch and after a bit, Washington decided it was ok to keep her company.

The lady got us up really early today! Washington was all silly when he saw her and decided to rub all over her feet! We got a little scared when she poured some water into this little machine on the kitchen counter and it started to gurgle and make some other weird noises. After a few minutes, some dark liquid came out into a glass container. When it was all done, it made a beeping sound which made Washington a little nervous. The lady poured some of it into a cup and drank it! We're not sure what it was but she seemed a lot more awake after drinking a cup! She played a lot with these two sticks and some pretty string...maybe she is making us some toys!? Washington thought he'd get a closer look and jumped on top of the desk. He almost fell right off...he's such a clutz!

Washington: Hey, speak for yourself!
Madison: Oh, yeah?
Washington: Yeah! And you, obviously, have no shame:

After a little while, they both went out - we're not exactly sure where they went, but when they came back they were kinda sweaty. We think they must be out mousing again, but they didn't bring us back any! They fed us breakfast and tried to get us to play a little more, but we thought it might be best to just stay cozy for a little bit longer.

They both seem very nice but we miss you!
Washington & Madison