Monday, October 29, 2007

From Washington

Madison and I don't think these two people are vets. If they were, they probably would have given us a shot or something by now.

We had a very nice Sunday here at Camp Shorewood! We discovered this nice table in a room that had some of the Lady's sweaters on it. She made it even more cuddly by putting some towels on them, so we curled right back up on it! It was fun to be up on a table!

We also made them laugh when we tried to visit them when they were using their litter box!

In the afternoon, the Lady sat on a chair in the living room and watched football ALL DAY! Boy, she must like football alot! The Man made her all cozy by bringing out a blanket for her. Madison thought she might enjoy that, too, so she crawled right underneath the blanket and slept by the Lady's feet! Hmmm...maybe I'll try that next time.

We got to play with the Man (we think his name is Macks?) at night. He's fun! I really like to watch the Lady type on the computer. This morning, I came up on her lap and made myself right at home.

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Nancy said...

Right now I am living for the moment when I see an update on the blog... this is the next-best thing to being there. The photo of Washie in Anne's lap as she types is truly a highlight of my life.