Sunday, October 28, 2007


Dear Momma & Daddy,

There sure are a lot of new and strange things at this place! It sure is nice to have our favorite toys and beds here (not to mention our litter box) - thanks for bringing them!

We had a nice first night. After the lady went to sleep (we think she was out mousing all day, 'cause she was tired!), the man played with us for a little while. He had this long string which we thought was really fun to play with. He stayed up with us for a few hours and he seems like lots of fun. We had a few more bites to eat and visited the ol' litter box again before getting cuddly and going to sleep ourselves. Madison really likes hanging out underneath their couch and after a bit, Washington decided it was ok to keep her company.

The lady got us up really early today! Washington was all silly when he saw her and decided to rub all over her feet! We got a little scared when she poured some water into this little machine on the kitchen counter and it started to gurgle and make some other weird noises. After a few minutes, some dark liquid came out into a glass container. When it was all done, it made a beeping sound which made Washington a little nervous. The lady poured some of it into a cup and drank it! We're not sure what it was but she seemed a lot more awake after drinking a cup! She played a lot with these two sticks and some pretty string...maybe she is making us some toys!? Washington thought he'd get a closer look and jumped on top of the desk. He almost fell right off...he's such a clutz!

Washington: Hey, speak for yourself!
Madison: Oh, yeah?
Washington: Yeah! And you, obviously, have no shame:

After a little while, they both went out - we're not exactly sure where they went, but when they came back they were kinda sweaty. We think they must be out mousing again, but they didn't bring us back any! They fed us breakfast and tried to get us to play a little more, but we thought it might be best to just stay cozy for a little bit longer.

They both seem very nice but we miss you!
Washington & Madison


Nancy said...

Oh wow, oh yay! This is the BEST. Thank you, Washington & Madison, for starting a blog -- I didn't even know you could type. Madison, that photo makes me so very, very, very happy.

Monica O said...

Hey, you lazy mutts, This is your Grandma Mo. You guys better behave yourselves so the Lady and the Man will, well, you know, don't be pests. You know that you're supposed to be on your best behavior, don't embarrass Nancy or Markle. Madison, maybe next time you could try some of that brown stuff that the Lady drinks, and go do some running, lose some of that extra fluff? Well, I'll say bye for now, I'm tired. I took your aunt Natasha and Uncle Boris to Ohio for a visit.
BEHAVE! Lots of love, and tell the nice people at Camp Shorewood I said hi! Love, Granny Bionica

Monica O said...

Oh, it's me again! I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the blog you're writing, and I loved the pictures! I look forward to more!
Granny Bionica

H.R.H. Bugscuffles said...

While you two are at Camp Shorewood, I've held court and received your Granny Bionica for a Sunday visit. The Royal Vet, Dr. Andy attended and brought his family as well. Next weekend my social secretary has made arrangements for your parents to visit before they move across the kingdom to the northwest territories! I've found your blog amusing. It adds a lovely diversion to my royal day. I'll have to speak with my royal secretary and ask why I don't have one. You are fortunate indeed to have been welcomed by such kind and generous hosts.