Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wild & Wooly!

Winter is here! We had 12" of snow at Camp Shorewood on Friday and both Macks and Deer got to stay home with us. Then we had more snow overnight, a high of only 8 today and tomorrow and more snow for Tuesday! We have 3 weather warnings today: winter weather advisory (for the snow), a winter storm warning (for the blowing and drifting snow) and a wind chill advisory. How often does that happen?

Anyway, it's just awesome! Why awesome, you ask? Well, 'cause the best thing to do when it's wild outside is to grab yourself a human and get to some serious cuddling!

In a pinch, another cat will also do the trick, but it's best to make sure they are CLEAN first!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's in my nature

From Maddie:

I've heard this human saying that "curiosity killed the cat". Well, now, I don't think it's all that drastic, but - if I do say so myself - we are a pretty inquisitive lot!

I don't think Deer is a very good mouser - or she's gotta find a new place to go mousing everyday - 'cause she never, ever brings any mice home to play with or nibble on! A few times a week, though, she'll bring Macks back little sweet samples from a coffee shop right next door to where she goes all day. They're not mice, but he does seem to like them. Well, a few days ago, she brought home something for Macks and left it on the kitchen table for him. I didn't think anyone would mind or notice if I tried to find out what all of the hubbub was about!

So, in fine feline fashion, I snuck up and snatched the treat and took it into the spare room to conduct my investigation:

It was some sort of pumpkin bread.

It was good.

I ate the whole thing.

I'll start my diet...tomorrow, I promise.