Sunday, September 28, 2008

All I want to do...

from Washie:

All I want to do is have some fun!

Here I am early this morning doing what I do best...playing! Because, if I'm nothing else, I'm a Kat who just know how to be silly, have a good cuddle, then get silly all over again!

Here I am,
moving so fast that I'm just a blur!


Whoa, like dude, check out this trippy picture of
me. It's like the camera is totally whacked out on catnip or something. Totally psychedelic, man. Welcome to my world.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old School

With the first day of autumn tomorrow (Deer's very favorite season!) and the scent of new pencils and books in the air, we thought September's family portrait theme was aptly entitled Old School!

We - and our Japanese cousins - took decidedly different ta
kes on the theme!

Chococat, aka Tony's cuz, went the traditional route:

Tony, being the very silly cat he is, tried to steal Deer's spectacles to complete his very brainy look.

Maddie's Japanese relation, Hello Kitty, took
Old School to mean something slightly different:

Groovy Hello Kitty seems to be channeling Janis Joplin or somebody! Maddie didn't need a single prop...she's naturally tie-dyed! 1967, here she comes!

Monday, September 1, 2008

What we did on Labor Day

You humans have the wackiest holidays - you put trees in your house in December, carve up pumpkins, have super scary fireworks and celebrate, of all things, LABOR! People, get your priorities straight, will you?

This is how we chose to celebrate Labor.

Washie sunned his pretty pawz:

We practiced a new Synchronized Cat Napping routine:

That was kinda strenuous, so Maddie decided to go cuddle on Deer's feets. She loves to cuddle her feets!

Deer and Macks went on some crazy long bike ride this morning - over 40 miles, we heard them say. That's ok, we guess, since they seem to enjoy it but it meant that we didn't get our breakfast 'til 8:43 a.m. Maddie almost starved to death (she is, after all, just skin and bones) and Washie was this close to going mad, mad, mad! We figure that if they decide to pull that stunt again, they should at least make arrangements to have our breakfast catered. Again, people, priorities!