Sunday, October 26, 2008

Time flies

Has it been already one year since we've been at Camp Shorewood?! We've sure had a lot of fun and learned lots of new things!
  • Washie got to know the Humans at the Emergency Vet Hospital shortly after we got here. He didn't like that too much, but thought getting his belly shaved was pretty cool!
  • Deer likes to bring the Big Scary Yellow Monster that lives in the front closet out at least once a week for a walk around Camp. We don't like the Monster and we hide in the closet 'til it goes back home.
  • When it snows ALOT! Macks and Deer get to stay home and we can sleep on them. We like snow days...we think they do, too!
  • Maddie likes it when Deer plays with her pretty string.
no pictures, please
  • We learned that we both have very famous Japanese cousins.
  • We developed a new Olympic sport, Synchronized Cat Napping. Watch for it in London in 2012.
  • Washie has been been unsuccessfully trying to launch an attack against that Seattle Beastie. He is still determined and will not give up.
stone cold killer
  • We got to spend a lot of time with Deer in April-June. She seemed sad to be home all the time...but we were very happy! She went back mousing in July and she seems a lot happier. We miss her very much during the day, though!
  • Macks and Deer go out on long mousing trips on their bikes when it is warm out. They must eat their mice on a picnic or something, 'cause they haven't brought any back for us!
So much in one year! We like it here. And we love Macks and Deer and they love us. Is it ok if we stay?

We miss you lots and lots and hope that you will come visit us soon (WITHOUT THE SEATTLE BEASTIE, please...hmm, on second thought maybe bring him with you. That would save Washie lots of energy!) Like good places to nap, that's the nice thing about can never run out of it and there's always plenty more.

We'll love you endlessly for giving us a warm, safe home when we needed it the most.

We'll love you endlessly for giving us this warm, safe home until we need it no longer.

From the bottom of our little feline hearts,

Washington and Madison

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Day In The Life Of

From Washington -

Between wrestling with my sister, napping, using the litter box, napping, wrestling some more, napping, sneaking in the bathroom and sneaking peeks, playing, napping, my days are pretty action packed! I thought I'd share with you a few vignettes.

If I can, I especially like starting the day with a good tummy scratch by Deer!

I'm an equal opportunity tummy scratchee, so I make sure all sides get fair treatment.

Then, I usually like to get silly for a while. Extreme close up of my nose!

Then, it's time for my post-breakfast nap and I like to make myself a little Cat Cave:

Is that Tony or are you just happy to see me?

Nope, it's Tony!

Maddie thinks she's above all these high jinx, but we all know better! But, even I have to admit, she does look pretty ok in this photo...for a sister, anyway:

Hugs and kisses,


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tomato, To-mah-to...

Being siblings, we don't always agree on everything (except on good napping locations here at Camp Shorewood) and, nightly on occasion, we've been known to host WrestleMania 2008:

Sometimes you just gotta agree to disagree. Tomato, tomahto, potato, potahto...

However, there is one other thing we agree on.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

If you can't beat 'em

From Maddie:

These silly humanz finally understood what you are supposed to do a fine, autumnal day. That is, find yourself a nice comfy spot in the sun and have a NAP!

Well, leave it to my dumb brother to hog all of the good spots:

That's the nice thing about laps, I say: there's always room for one