Sunday, December 30, 2007

We have many talents

Obviously, a Grammy nod is coming our way after our Christmas concert. We could win gold medals in being sassy and silly. We have the uncanny ability of making cat toys out of anything! But, perhaps our greatest talent is finding the cuddliest and warmest spots in the house. Witness exhibit A on Christmas morning:

Macks has THE BEST lap for napping...we make frequent use of it.

Shortly thereafter, Washie thought the living room radiator just behind the decorated tree would make a charming holiday photo opp...he was right!

But where did Maddie go? Maddie...?
Macks and Deer, figuring that Maddie went to her favorite under-the-comforter cuddling spot, went about their pre-Christmas preparations. That is, until Deer went to the office and beheld Maddie in this position:
It's a new Olympic sport: Synchronized Radiator Napping!

"Hey, Washie does not have exclusive radiator rights! Plus, I get style points 'cause I can fill in the gaps in the radiator with my lovely soft belly and beautiful tail:

Monday, December 24, 2007

Hark, the herald angels sing!

Washie and Maddie Productions Proudly Present...
A Holiday Concert

Wishing you love today and every day,

Washie, Maddie, Deer & Macks

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sharing is caring

Sure, we may chase each other around Camp Shorewood, stalking each other around corners and behind doors. WrestleMania 2007, too, is also a favorite pasttime of ours. But, when it comes down to it, there's nothing like sharing Maddie's "saucer bed" on a very blustery Sunday morning:

Hangin' in the bedroom in the morning is THE BEST - when the sun is shining, it fills this room up with cozy, warm light. Sometimes, if we're especially good kitties, Deer will turn on her electric blanket for an added dose of cuddliness. Even better are Sunday mornings 'cause Macks and Deer get to share in some serious lounging and Macks will often konk out with us for a few hours' nap. We waste no time crawling right on top of him to cuddle him with a vengeance! sure is good to be a cat!

On days like today, we'll even forgive Deer for giving us our weekly manicure. She's pretty sneaky about it, clipping while we are getting sleepy. Maddie didn't even open her eyes once during the whole process:

Now, you'll have to stay tuned for a very special post from us in the next day or two! We've been practicing very hard for something very special...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Under cover

There's nothing much better than having naptime on a chilly winter's morning deep under the covers and on top of an electric blanket:

Deer almost...repeat almost disturbed my beauty sleep with that darned flash! I opened my eyes just a sliver to make sure she was going away, and back to sleeping I went.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

There's something in the front closet

Something evil lurks in the living room closet. Deer feels somehow compelled once or twice a week to bring it out of its cave and take it for a walk around Camp Shorewood. It is loud. It is scary. We think it is some sort of dragon:

When it comes out of the living room closet, we make a hasty retreat to the bedroom closet...and, even if the sliding doors are closed, we have used our superior mental abilities to figure out how to open them in such dire moments.

We also believe that the Hair Dryer and Coffee Maker are somehow related to The Dragon. However, they are not nearly as loud nor as scary as The Dragon and we've determined that they are harmless enough - despite the noise they make - to stay out from underneath furniture and in closets while they are out. The Dragon, on the other hand, is an entirely different beastie altogether and WE HATE IT!

When Deer finishes taking it for its weekly walk, we are both tremendously relieved. Washie even found it in his heart to forgive her entirely and curl up on her lap afterwards. After all, it is snowing again outside and we certainly have our priorities...cuddling being right there on top of the list!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

What's with the trees?

Ok, so we just don't get something with you humans! Why do you put up pretty evergreen trees smack dab in your living rooms when it gets all cold and snowy outside? You all are pretty strange beasties!

Be that as it may, we had a very nice little surprise when Macks and Deer put up their tree on Sunday. Lo and behold, they hung the kitty ornament that we had in Chicago! It's right in front and just at the right height so we can give it a little swipe and chew every once in awhile. It sure is nice to have something from home.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Something's definitely afoot

From Maddie:
Washie is definitely up to something and I can't quite figure out what! A little while ago, I overheard Macks tell Deer that he played for 3 hours straight one night. Then, while those two are out mousing during the day, he's been playing up a storm and running laps around the house all the while saying things like, "Gotta get in shape to make it to Seattle", "I will find you, Beastie" and "You cannot hide from me." I even caught him trying to turn on the computer one day 'cause he was trying to find out where Seattle was!

I asked Washie was he was up to, but he hasn't told me yet! In the meantime, I thought I might try my own version the Vulcan Mind Meld on him while he was sleeping - maybe I can peek in his little brain and see what is exactly going on in there!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Innocent beginnings

What started out as an early a.m. snuggle and little mutual bathtime turned into something that made Macks and Deer just about melt. We decided on this very chilly morning (it is cold out there behind the window!), that we introduce these two to our version of power napping!
Washie says, "No, I'm not trying to hatch Maddie!"

Sunday, December 2, 2007

What Sundays were made for

It's time for some power cuddling!
We've got a little double-decker action going on here on what might look like some sort of blanket. Actually, it is Macks' lap! He was reading one of those huge books that you sent him for his birthday, but we called dibs on lap space.

Washie was in his position first and Maddie was hanging in her cat cave right near by. She got a little jealous of the extra coziness so she carved out a space all for herself. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Oh, by the way, Deer wanted us to show you her latest completed project - what you all thought was a hot water bottle covered turned out to be mittens! As soon as she took this picture, we had to go sit on them. We LOVE sitting on the stuff she makes with that goofy string! But, then again, we are pretty goofy, too.

Hope you both are having as cuddly a Sunday as we are!
Hugs & kisses,
Washie and Maddie

Saturday, December 1, 2007

It's days like today...

that make us particularly thankful that there are people like you guys, Macks, and Deer that take in poor, outdoor kitties and give them a warm, cuddly home!

It's Camp Shorewood's first winter storm of the season! It started out innocently enough this afternoon:

But then the wind picked up and all of a sudden, we had lots of snow coming down!

It's been snowing and blowing all afternoon, so Maddie thought it best to stay tuned to The Weather Channel, before retreating to makeshift "cat cave" next to a baseboard heater in the bedroom!

"Yeah, that's right, I'm sleeping in a paper bag. Wanna make something of it?"

Washie is perfectly content to cuddle on a blanket in the spare room (Washie: "This is what normal cats do, Madison!")

We hope you are cuddly and warm, too!
Hugs & kisses,
Washie and Maddie

Thursday, November 29, 2007

We promise...

to be nice to the new camera and not break this one! We have trained Deer well already as the very first photos she took with her new contraption are of us!

There's no denying we are two seriously beautiful cats!

"Scratch my chin, please."

"Napping in the sun cannot and should not be overrated."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What did you call me?

You know, I'm not so sure about these people. They seem awfully confused, especially when it comes to getting my name right! Here are some of the names they call me:

1. Spats: I guess this has something to do with my lovely paw coloration?

2. Snidely Whiplash: do I really have a mustache like his?

3. Pickles: you got me on this one. This is a favorite of Deer's

4. Squigglebutt: I can't help it...I get excited and the butt moves that way.

5. Wack-a-mo: When I play, I play sue me!

In other news, I've learned that The Other Beastie (aka Brother Man) has escaped his protective lair and has changed locations to someplace called Seattle. I am currently plotting to break out of this joint and track him down. I may seem all sweet and silly, but there's a villain underneath all this fur. Hmmmm....perhaps Snidely Whiplash is a good name for me? I'll add it to my list of aliases as I plot my next move...

Love, Washie

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

We hope you are having a wonderful birthday and that you, Momma, and that other beastie are doing well in your new home.

Because we are so gosh darn cute, we thought we'd send you the best present ever...that would be pictures of us, of course!

Here we are snuggling up to The Lady as she sat in the living room with her feet up on the ottoman:

Madison thinks that Washie needs a wash up!

You know, of course, that means only a prelude to WrestleMania 2007!

But, remembering that it is your birthday, we thought we should be on our best behavior. Back to just plain ol' bathtime...which lead right into some serious naptime:

Washington sort of lost track of where he was and slipped right down in between the ottoman and the chair, but he insists that he meant to do that!

Macks and Deer went out early this morning for a very chilly (only 28 degrees!) hike through Camp Shorewood. Deer was sooooo excited about having a White Thanksgiving that she wanted us to share some of her pictures with you:

Snow and Halloween decorations?!

The snow on these burgundy leaves was breathtaking. Too bad Deer's big wooly mittens prevented her from taking a picture that was actually in focus!

Happy Birthday...we miss and love you very much!

Washington and Madison

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Washie and Maddie

You guys rock! It may have been Macks' birthday last week, but you sent US the most awesome present ever!

We are going to love playing and cuddling in this huge box. Thanks!

Humans can be so odd, though. Macks showed very little interest in The Box and seem to think the really good stuff was inside it! He's a little mixed up, we think. We're not sure exactly what holds his interest in these books, but he sure does love them! Hmmmm...let's see about rubbing our chins on the corners...yes! that must be it!

Maddie is still trying to figure out the whole bathroom thing. Perhaps if she stares long enough, she can will this crazy thing to work with her superior mental abilities. (Maddie: By the way, I think Washie is a bit pervy! He especially likes to keep Macks company while he takes a shower, but today he decided he'd like to take a peek at Deer while she was all nekkid! I'm tellin'!!!)

Yes, humans are peculiar, as is Deer's utter fascination with the cuteness of our pawz. Maddie's, she thinks, look like whipped cream.
With his, Washie is showing his tail who's the boss!

Maddie says: "Ok, Macks, I'll give you a pass on the office chair this time, but - in the future, just remember - I was here first!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuddlefest 2007

Hi guys!
Well, it was a good thing Deer grabbed her work camera again last night or else she would have missed documenting the ultimate, super-duper, high-voltage Cuddlefest 2007 early this morning. It started out innocently enough - Washie was snoozing on Deer, and as they were leaving to go to all sweaty and stinky early this morning, Maddie decided to take her place. We may have our sibling rivalries, but we do give each other one mighty fine cuddle and bath!

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a close-up:

Deer thinks we have the cutest pawz...well, who are we to argue?

Later that morning, Maddie found one of her favorite places, looking out the window in the bedroom, and was utterly transfixed by the curtains!
It's hard being cats, we tell ya!
Miss you both,
Washie and Maddie