Sunday, December 30, 2007

We have many talents

Obviously, a Grammy nod is coming our way after our Christmas concert. We could win gold medals in being sassy and silly. We have the uncanny ability of making cat toys out of anything! But, perhaps our greatest talent is finding the cuddliest and warmest spots in the house. Witness exhibit A on Christmas morning:

Macks has THE BEST lap for napping...we make frequent use of it.

Shortly thereafter, Washie thought the living room radiator just behind the decorated tree would make a charming holiday photo opp...he was right!

But where did Maddie go? Maddie...?
Macks and Deer, figuring that Maddie went to her favorite under-the-comforter cuddling spot, went about their pre-Christmas preparations. That is, until Deer went to the office and beheld Maddie in this position:
It's a new Olympic sport: Synchronized Radiator Napping!

"Hey, Washie does not have exclusive radiator rights! Plus, I get style points 'cause I can fill in the gaps in the radiator with my lovely soft belly and beautiful tail:


Nancy said...

This is insane... how crazy that you would both find radiator spots at the same time! I can't imagine what Deer thought when she discovered the synchronized radiator napping going on right under her nose. Thank goodness she had a camera to capture Madison's waddle tummy tucked into each nook of the radiator ribs. Don't let your tail get too hot, now!

Bionica said...

I'm not so sure about this. I may have to call CPS (Child [or Cat, if you wish]Protective Services. This could be really bad for the

radiators. Can you imagine the two of them with matching singed stripes on their undersides!!! One would look like a zebra, the other, I'm not sure, something that was playing street rug??
Did your Mother leave enough antibacterial wipes for Deer's radiators aftr the two of you get done?? And someone should say something to your Mother about how she refers to Maddie's tummy. It's almost verbal abuse. Hmmph. I never! Love, GBionica