Sunday, December 2, 2007

What Sundays were made for

It's time for some power cuddling!
We've got a little double-decker action going on here on what might look like some sort of blanket. Actually, it is Macks' lap! He was reading one of those huge books that you sent him for his birthday, but we called dibs on lap space.

Washie was in his position first and Maddie was hanging in her cat cave right near by. She got a little jealous of the extra coziness so she carved out a space all for herself. Where there's a will, there's a way!

Oh, by the way, Deer wanted us to show you her latest completed project - what you all thought was a hot water bottle covered turned out to be mittens! As soon as she took this picture, we had to go sit on them. We LOVE sitting on the stuff she makes with that goofy string! But, then again, we are pretty goofy, too.

Hope you both are having as cuddly a Sunday as we are!
Hugs & kisses,
Washie and Maddie


Nancy said...

Oh, that looks like some GOOOOOD lap lovin'. I miss it, I miss it! Right now I'm in Denver on a business trip, and I have a distinct lack of cats in my hotel room. Mark and I have always said that they should have cat rentals available when traveling. How else are you supposed to fall asleep -- with no cats on the bed? Whatever. Tell Deer her mittens look great! PLEASE don't claw them...

Nancy said...

Oh, and it's great to see proof that Macks is enjoying his birthday present!!! That's what Sundays were made for -- Calvin & Hobbes!