Sunday, December 9, 2007

Something's definitely afoot

From Maddie:
Washie is definitely up to something and I can't quite figure out what! A little while ago, I overheard Macks tell Deer that he played for 3 hours straight one night. Then, while those two are out mousing during the day, he's been playing up a storm and running laps around the house all the while saying things like, "Gotta get in shape to make it to Seattle", "I will find you, Beastie" and "You cannot hide from me." I even caught him trying to turn on the computer one day 'cause he was trying to find out where Seattle was!

I asked Washie was he was up to, but he hasn't told me yet! In the meantime, I thought I might try my own version the Vulcan Mind Meld on him while he was sleeping - maybe I can peek in his little brain and see what is exactly going on in there!

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