Sunday, April 19, 2009

Somebody's been sitting in my chair...

From Maddie:
I was looking forward to some lazy Sunday morning Tweeting, when I noticed that someone was in my usual spot. At first glance, it looked like my Dumb Brother hogging the office chair again. But, wait a minute, Washie doesn't have white pawz....


Could it be Seattle/Chicago Beastie?

Another Beastie altogether? Were Deer and Macks trying to tell us something by inviting another Kat into OUR home? Didn't they love us anymore? Pass me the tissue and some comfort food...

Upon further inspection, none of the above disastrous scenarios were true. With her pretty string and sticks, Deer actually knitted said Beastie for the daughter of her wonderful boss:

Still, we had to make to sure. It really did look like Washie.

Whew! This Beastie definitely wasn't a threat and it went to its new home during the little girl's birthday party today. So, I'll pass on the tissue and the comfort food...well, maybe I'll take a little comfort food just in case...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Someone doesn't know how to share

From Washie

Ever since Maddie figured out how to turn on the computer, she's been absolutely impossible! As soon as Deer and Macks go off mousing for the day, she immediately jumps on the computer and hogs it all day long! If she isn't updating her Facebook page, she's busy Tweeting or checking in with LinkedIn.

Doesn't she understand that there are far more important things to do? For instance, my complex web of spies has informed me that the Seattle Beastie has changed locations in an effort to thwart my efforts to search and destroy. I can sense that he is much closer than before but I need the Internets to help me determine is exact coordinates. Priorities, dear Sister...priorities!