Saturday, January 5, 2008

Are we related?

Deer has this odd fondness for this Japanese beastie called Hello Kitty...she looks like a total glamor girl, always dressing up and having her picture on everything! She must be part of the jet set or she followed by the paparazzi, too? Well, as long as she doesn't come here, we guess it's ok.

Deer gets a new calendar each year with Hello Kitty on it (boy, now that we think of it, this beastie must have an awfully big ego!). This year, in addition to that one, Macks found her one with one of Hello Kitty's little friends on it (the ego is contagious obviously!), named Chococat. When she opened up that calendar, they both started giggling, saying, "That looks just like Washington!!"

Who knew we had Japanese relations?

"Mmmmmm....chex mix."


Nancy said...


Mark said...

Using the Google Japanese-to-English translator, that comes out as, "It's your time to know the truth, Washington. From a small town in northern Japan adopted. I find that if we did not mean for you not!"

Nancy said...

Obviously you don't read Japanese fluently. It says:
"It is time you know the truth, Washington. You were adopted from a small town in northern Japan. We never meant for you to find out this way!"

Macks said...

If you look closely at Chococat you'll see where Washington gets his eye troubles.