Thursday, January 10, 2008

If you put your mind to it

from Madison:

If you apply yourself, you can certainly make any spot a good cuddle spot. Heck, even the bathroom can do very nicely:

"Silly human, do not wake me"

Tony feels the need to monitor the escalation.

Now that the situation has been properly diffused, Tony is pleased to report that all is well and that peace has been restored. (trying very hard not to write something completely sassy re: the current administration's feeble attempts about restoring's just too easy and therefore beneath me)

After that, we decided to retire to a more usual cuddle spot. Tony still feels a bit insecure about my momentary crabbiness with the humans for waking me up from my bathroom rug repose.

Gosh darn it, don't I have the prettiest paws you ever did see?

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Nancy said...

I often go back and re-read these blog entries, they bring me so much pleasure. This one in particular, with the image of Washie nuzzling his head into Maddie's side... warms my heart.