Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cuddlefest 2007

Hi guys!
Well, it was a good thing Deer grabbed her work camera again last night or else she would have missed documenting the ultimate, super-duper, high-voltage Cuddlefest 2007 early this morning. It started out innocently enough - Washie was snoozing on Deer, and as they were leaving to go to all sweaty and stinky early this morning, Maddie decided to take her place. We may have our sibling rivalries, but we do give each other one mighty fine cuddle and bath!

And, for your viewing pleasure, here's a close-up:

Deer thinks we have the cutest pawz...well, who are we to argue?

Later that morning, Maddie found one of her favorite places, looking out the window in the bedroom, and was utterly transfixed by the curtains!
It's hard being cats, we tell ya!
Miss you both,
Washie and Maddie


Nancy said...

Sigh... it is truly a highlight of my day when, in hopeful anticipation, I click my Washie-Maddie blog link and see a new entry. And with pictures? Well, it's just near about as good as it gets. But today's was one of the *best*. Snuggly kitties, close-ups, paws: I'm in heaven. Thank you Deer!

Anonymous said...

Dear Washington and Madison:
I just read the "blog" that Brother-man is posting from Seattle. Your family certainly does get around. I'm strictly a stay-at-home kitty. I get up every morning and survey my vast domain and am really quite content to stay within my kingdom.

I hope that you're feeling better, Washington. There's nothing more dreadful bladder problems. Fortunately I've avoided them!

I had a lovely visit with Nancy and Mark earlier this month. I love for them to visit because they are such cat people. Some visitors ignore me but they shower me with attention. Please don't be jealous. They cannot help themselves.

I'm glad you're enjoying your new digs.

H.R.H. Bugscuffles