Wednesday, October 31, 2007

From Washington

Hi Momma, Daddy, Granny Bionica and Your Royal Highness!

Thanks for leaving your notes! We sure liked reading them and can't wait to get the toy. I don't think we ever got anything in the mail before.

We spent a lot of time playing yesterday. I caused quite a ruckus playing in the shower and the shower curtain was fun to play hide and seek in! My Deer laughed so hard at me! She then went to a closet and pulled out some more toys for us to play with:

This is a big tunnel that crinkles when you run through it! I love to sit in it.

We also got this fun mat with catnip in it. It also has a scratchy part in the middle. I hope Madison doesn't get stuck on it!

Speaking of Madison, I don't think My Deer is very good with names. She called Madison "my little Oompaloompah". My Deer is very silly...but then again, maybe there's something to that name?

We'll write again on Friday. Macks and My Deer are going to visit her momma tomorrow and even though we can type, we're not exactly sure how to turn this thing on!


Nancy said...

"My Oompahloompah" is just about the best cat nickname EVER. Love it. And the tunnel looks like a blast!

Nancy said...

By the way, Washington, I don't think you remember just how many things you have gotten in the mail before... almost all of them from Macks and My Deer! Remember how much you loved tearing the George Bush voodoo doll apart? And the boogie mat! Not to mention the all the treats from Auntie Kristine's kitties!