Thursday, February 28, 2008

Somebody's got an attitude!

From Maddie:

Boy, Washie has been prancing around for the last week like he owned the place! Today, I finally figured out why.

You'll probably remember the infamous Chococat Calendar Incident that made us think that Washie may hail from some distant place called Japan? Well, today while trying to figure out what "Leap Year" meant, I saw this:

I immediately confronted Washington about this and asked him if he actually thought this referred to him! Naturally, he did! In addition to thinking this calendar was designed after him, Washie actually thinks that his birthday is some sort of holiday! Gads what an ego!

Thankfully this didn't last too long...shortly thereafter, Deer pulled out the scary Yellow Vacuum Cleaner and Washie spent most of the morning cowering in the closet. When he came out, he sure was a bit more humble! Maybe the Vacuum Monster isn't all that bad?

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Nancy said...

Well, Maddie... I don't mean to burst your bubble, but there is *some* basis for Washington's ego. He was named after the man whose birthday we celebrate as a national holiday! Sad to say, President Madison did not make the cut. Sigh.