Sunday, February 10, 2008


Good news: 18 inches of snow on Wednesday and a day of cuddling with Macks and Deer
Bad news: 18 inches of snow :-)

Good news: We almost got to 32 degrees yesterday
Bad news: That was yesterday. Today is an entirely different story!

Our high temperature today at Camp Shorewood was a whopping zero! The winds outside are howling and something called a wind chill this morning was down to 40 below zero! We kitties don't have to worry about wind chill 'cause we come with our own lovely fur...silly humans - you think they woulda thought that one out!

Well, it doesn't get too much better for the upcoming week, either - another 6 inches of snow tomorrow and chilly, chilly temperatures. We are going to make the very most of it and keep cuddling with Macks and Deer! It's nice 'cause they love cuddling almost as much as we do!

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