Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let the Games begin!

After years of dedication, perseverance, sacrifice and training, it is finally time to make our debut on the international scene with our own Olympic event, synchronized napping.

To recap, the keys to scoring a perfect 10.0 are fairly straightforward:
1. PPP, or Proper Paw Placement
2. and the exceedingly difficult HC & T, aka Head Curl and Tuck

As you see below, we have obviously deserve 10.0s in both execution and style!

Tony on the podium (aka the Cat Food Storage Container) receiving Olympic Gold!
Cue the National Anthem (we don't mean the one you humans in this country sing!)

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I agree that these are two cats who understand the kind of dedication and perseverance involved in honing the incredibly complex skills needed for serious napping competitiveness. But seeing Washington on that podium was even a little bit too much for me; I got all choked up... so proud, so proud...