Sunday, April 6, 2008

You have our royal permission to address us as HRH Queen Maddie

From Maddie:
Washie sure is all proud of himself lately since he thinks there is a strong family resemblance between him and his famous calendar cousin, Chococat. Well, I just happened to be passing the refrigerator this morning (no, I wasn't hunting around for any treats that may have just happened to have dropped on the floor - HONEST!) and I noticed Deer's other calendar that features Chococat's pal, Hello Kitty. (Deer sure has some weird fascination with this bunch of Japanese beasties, I'll say!) All of Hello Kitty's pictures show her in some beautiful period costumes and April's, I thought, captured my true essence perfectly - Hello Kitty a la Marie Antoinette:

Now that's what I call a family resemblance!
Mmmmm...I wonder if Hello Kitty is going to eat that cupcake...mmmmm, cupcakes....

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Nancy said...

I must say -- the resemblance is extraordinary! Although I always figured that you were related to royalty, HRH Queen Maddie. Something in your air... a certain sense of grace.