Sunday, March 15, 2009

Silly fidgets

From Washie:

Let's face it: plotting to take over the world, tracking down my arch-nemesis, the elusive Seattle Beastie, napping, using the litter box, napping, continuing WrestleMania 2009 with Maddie, napping, and stealing bits of Deer's pita pockets can stress out any feline! Sometimes, you just gotta let your fur down and get your silly fidgets on!

Long known for what Deer calls "my happy feet", the first thing I did was to prance a bit on Macks' papers on the dining room table while he was trying to write on them. That was fun!

Then, it was time to practice my tail yoga. I like to keep my tail most flexible and achieve a sense of inner peace through a series of poses.

At these times, my mind is at its clearest and I can often come up with my most creative solutions for finding the Seattle Beastie afterwards!

After that, the only thing left on Silly Fidgets To-Do List was a game of Camera Cat & Mouse with Deer! She tries so hard to get me to stand still for pictures and I love, love, LOVE to convince here I'm going to stay in one super adorable pose...then, I fake her out but good just as she thinks she got the perfect picture of me and it turns out all blurry!

Whoa, dude, check me out...I'm

Let me tell you, she gets very, um, creative with her language after a while. Then I know its time for me to stop that game and give her a chin-scooch and smooch!

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Nancy said...

I totally know what Deer feels like -- my life is one long story of trying to take the perfect cat picture, only to be faked-out at the last minute. Washie, you should be more helpful with her!