Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Many Joys of Pretty String

We've told you how fascinated Deer seems by her pretty string. She can actually make sweaters, socks, and mittens with it and just two sticks! Ah...the things humans have to wear since they don't have fur! Maddie loves to watch the string move when Deer pulls on it when she's playing with the string. Sometimes, Maddie can catch it with her paw and, surprise- surprise-surprise, she tries to eat it! She tries to eat everything...but that's a different story!

Well, this weekend, we've discovered even a better use for Deer's pretty string. We've told you before that despite of all of Deer's many redeeming qualities, she does one thing we absolutely HATE all the way down to the tips of our tails: every week, no matter what, she brings out the big, loud scary yellow monster from the front closet and takes it on a walk all through Camp Shorewood. We like it when Macks goes to the front closet 'cause that's where he keeps our most special toy...the bird! But, we know what is about to happen when Deer goes to it...and we take cover even before the beastie comes out!

Usually, we hide in closets.
Sometimes we hide under beds.
Every once and a while we cower in Macks' lap...but he was away this weekend here.

So, we found another good, cozy place to hide: Deer's stash-o-pretty string that she keeps in perfectly cat-sized canvas cubes:

In our most humble opinion, we find that adding cat fur to lambswool, merino, cashmere, and cottons only enhances their value and appearance.


Nancy said...

I was having a bad day until I read that post... but how can one possibly remain in a bad mood whilst laughing out loud?

Ask Deer if I ever told her about my uncle's sister-n-law, who spins her own yarn using cat and dog fur. I think she even made a pair of mittens lined with ferret fur once. Any pet owner can send her the fur they've collected and she'll make yarn out of it. Although according to my uncle, cat fur feels much nicer on the cat than on the mittens. It gets sticky.

Please tell Macks that we'd love to hear more about his gaming convention. Although personally, I don't think you could learn more about gaming than from watching Washie & Maddie.

Max said...

Glad Maddu and Tony could brighten your day, Nance.

I wrote about the gaming convention here. I had a great time -- might have to wheedle Anne into letting me go to GenCon as well...