Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is that a pile-o-cats, or are you just happy to see me?

Because our social calendar is over-booked (read: lots of napping to do before dinnertime), we're going to let Deer be our special guest blogger today!

Thanks, Washie & Maddie, for allowing me to post on your blog! I've enjoyed getting the scoop on what you guys are doing (Washie, we're gonna have to have a little chat about this obsession you seem to have with poor Brother Man!) and hearing from Nancy and Granny Bionica.

A few days ago, Spring definitely decided to make a hasty retreat and we were, yet again, faced with chilly snowstorm, this time, but it was below freezing! I needed my little lap blanket to keep the chill away while working at the computer that early morning. When I returned from filling up on my cuppa, I noticed this odd little, well - for lack of a better word, bulge on the floor next to the desk chair where I had heaped my blanket just a minute or two before:

Pulling back the cover oh so gently, this is what I discovered!

This just goes to show you that any place is a good place to nap. That's an important life lesson, if I ever heard one!

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Nancy said...

Congratulations Deer, on achieving guest blogger status! You must be SO proud.

Those two cuties are so amazing -- it's like they have a special power that allows them to hone in on the warmest, coziest spot in the house. Some sort of cat radar. They look so sleepy and drugged in those photos... definitely the place I would want to be when faced with chilly weather.

I hope you enjoyed your tea even without the lap blanket. :)