Friday, March 21, 2008

Whatcha gonna do?

So, what can a pair of slightly mischievous cats do when faced with this? (nevermind that this is the first full day of spring, the prediction is another 15" of snow!)
Surf the internet of course! We like to keep tabs on everything out there, especially other notable feline exploits. We found these great videos on YouTube that we just had to share with you. When Deer first saw these, she giggled with tears in her eyes 'cause they reminded her so much of a kitty who went away somewhere this summer...

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Nancy said...

Mark always laughs until he cries at the one where the cat is trying to make the "man-servant" wake up to feed him. With the exception of the baseball bat, it is exactly what Brother-Man used to do to him. Lately, though, he just hides in a lump under the blankets. We don't get it. The other video was new to us, though, and it will have to be sent to all our cat-loving friends. Thanks, kitties (and Deer, who possibly lent a hand on this one)... Sorry about the nasty weather out there. We're sitting in the living room with the back doors open. :)