Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nice try!

From Washie:

Ok, guys, you can't pull a fast one on me - I'm much too brilliant! Last night, I overheard Macks and Deer mention that you two were moving and that you sent some pictures in an email (whatever that is). I'm sure that other beastie that lives with you has something to do with this - namely, some feeble attempt to elude my vast network of spies.

Well, now, I can't exactly read so I don't know if you have your new address in this email, so I'm doing my best to find out your new hideout via critical analysis of said photos:

Let that other beastie know it is only a matter of time before I crack this wide open.

I never realized how draining super-brilliant mental activity can be...I guess I can take a little time off for a snooze.


Nancy said...

Who would ever have thought that dear, sweet, friendly, cuddly Washington could be so cold-hearted?

Max said...

It's always the crosseyed ones you have to watch out for.