Sunday, June 28, 2009

Speaking of which...

From Maddie:
Speaking of favorite sleeping spots, I thought I'd share our current favorites with you! Probably our most favorite spots is anywhere we can make a cat pile! On top of the couch cushions... or nestled in the corner of a chair... If we do opt to a go solo, I - being a traditionalist - go for the tried and true, such as the ever-popular office chair: However, I think I should get some style points for my superb paw placement! Washie is just weird. His latest favorite is on top of our scratching board toy that we got for Christmas last year! Whatever, Washie!


Nancy said...

Every time we see the cat pile (even these wonderful photos), it makes me sing "C-A-T-T, P-I-L-E, CAT PILE!"

Love and Hugs, Nancy

Nancy said...

Haven't heard anything from you two in a while... everything okay?