Thursday, June 5, 2008

What did you guys do?

We are VCK (aka, Very Concerned Kitties).

Last Friday, Deer received a package from you guys and her reaction to it has us most alarmed. Normally, packages from you are wonderful - packed with cat toys and treats! But why, when our poor Deer opened it, did she start crying?

She may have befriended the The Scary Yellow Dragon and clips our nice, sharp claws too frequently for our liking, but we've grown rather fond of our little Deer!

To make everything more confusing, she was telling Macks about it and saying things like, "Can you believe it? One is reading, the other is knitting! How perfect is this?", and "They are such thoughtful and amazing friends!" As you know, we are FOEI (aka, Felines of Extraordinary Intellect), but this series of events has us utterly perplexed.

We caught a peek at the contents of Said Package and, frankly, we don't understand what all the fuss is about! We think every piece of artwork should have us as the subject matter, don't you? Deer has it propped up in her office and when she thinks we are fast asleep in the big comfy blue chair that we love so, we have caught her looking at it and getting all misty-eyed. Such a silly human, she is!

Even though we are concerned, we aren't that worried enough to take a break from some serious cuddle time!

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Nancy said...

Please tell Deer that I take a look back at this posting any time I want a little reminder of what great friends we have... it's so touching I can't help but get misty-eyed myself!